ALQO WASI Peruvian Dogwear Handmade in the Andes

Pet Product Review – Alqo Wasi Peruvian dogwear handmade in the Andes

Alqo Wasi Peruvian Dogwear

Alqo Wasi means “Dog Home” in Quechua, the language of the Incas, and any dog will feel at home in these soft, beautiful creations. I LOVE these garments and this company!
Woven on looms used since pre-Hispanic times, artisans from the Andean region apply ancestral techniques of spinning and dyeing to create wearable works of art and by purchasing Alqo Wasi products, you’re supporting local women who through their employment gain valuable skills, an increased sense of self-worth and enhanced status in their community!
Alqo Wasi Poncho
Little Lily’s owner, Nikki, says, “Oh my gosh, I am in love! This sweater is the cutest darn thing ever. My Lily knows that she is pretty! She is prancing around!! The sweater is so soft and feels very well made. I am sure that it will keep her warm through the winter, not to mention beautiful and stylish!!! The details on the sweater are amazing. Honestly I am a little jealous, I don’t think I have any clothes this nice!”
Secret Shopper 5 paw ratingTop quality & unique, Alqo Wasi earns a solid 5 paws up!
The Alqo Wasi collections include ponchos, sweaters, dresses and more. Visit for information on how to order your own dogwear masterpiece!

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