Kurgo Cargo Cape Car Interior Protector

Pet Product Review – Kurgo Cargo Cape car interior protector

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Kaya & her Kurgo Cargo Cape

Kaya & Lindsey
Little, medium or big, our furry friends just can’t help leaving behind plenty of clues that seem to scream, “My name is Kaya and I was HERE!” Especially if you and your pup lead an active lifestyle like my niece, Lindsey. Wherever Lindsey goes, Kaya goes too, making Lindsey the perfect Secret Shopper panel member to review the Kurgo Cargo Cape.
“I LOVE my Kurgo Cargo Cape! As Kurgo claims – the universal fit worked well with my SUV and it was super easy to install. The Cargo Cape has a ton of cool features, a mesh storage pocket, a protective bumper flap, velcro backing to adhere to the fabric in the vehicle, among others. But my favorite feature is the zipper down the middle of the cape that allows me to have one seat down and one up. I only wish I would have had the Cargo Cape when my car was new, I would have avoided all the wear and tear it has endured. The good thing is this product was made from quality heavy duty materials so I will use it right up until I sell this car and then again in my next car :)!

The Kurgo Cargo Cape sells for $60 and can be purchased at KurgoStore.com. The Kurgo Cargo Cape is intended for use in station wagons, SUV’s or mini-vans (backseat or cargo area).

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