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Pet Product Review – flexi | retractable cord-tape-belt leashes

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Limited Edition Rock Star Leashflexi Giant Leash

flexi retractable leashes are made in a small factory in Bargeheide, Germany and have continually received high marks from pet owners for their quality, design and durability since they went on the market 35 years ago. I’m also impressed with the wide variety of leashes they make: cord leashes; belt leashes; tape leashes; xsmall to xlarge leashes; lightweight to heavyweight leashes; even “Glam” leashes with Swarovski Crystals!

Shake & Flexi Giant Leash

Jessica had this to say after taking Shakespeare for a walk with his new flexi Giant leash, “I really like the length of the 26 foot flexi leash. It’s much longer than any leash I’ve owned in the past and gives Shake plenty of leeway to run and play. The belt runs in and out smoothly and the handle is really comfortable. This is also the first retractable leash I’ve used that doesn’t stick when I push the brake button!”

5 Paws Up flexi leashes earn the panel’s highest rating of 5 paws up!

Flexi leashes run from $12.99 to $59.99 ($189.99 for Glam leashes) and can be purchased online at EntirelyPets.com.

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