Instinct Grain-Free Biscuits by Nature’s Variety

Pet Product Review – Instinct Grain-Free Biscuits by Nature’s Variety

Nature's Variety

Instincts Grain-Free Biscuits

The panel is always eager to sample new dog treats for my reviews and practically maul the UPS and Fed Ex employees when I open the door to accept deliveries. It’s always funny to watch the delivery person’s face when Shakespeare appears. His sheer size causes most of them to back-up a few steps, but once they realize the biggest threat he poses is loving them to death, they don’t want to leave! Let’s see how our latest treat delivery fared with the guys…
The panel received Instinct Grain-Free, Chicken Meal, Cranberries and Garlic biscuit treats to test, and test they did. I always know it’s going to be a good review when it’s obviously torture for them to sit still, with treat in sight, while I snap away with my camera. They gobbled the biscuits in record time, followed by their very best Oliver Twist imitations, sans the vocalization, but saying clear-as-day with their eyes, “Please Ma’am, may I have some more?”
5 Paw Rating Grain-free, nutritious, tasty and made in America – 5 paws up!

Instinct biscuit treats are sold in 11 oz. packages, come in chicken, lamb, duck, rabbit flavors and sell for $5.99 at

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