i Love Dogs Chewable Vitamins and Supplements

Pet Product Review – i Love Dogs Chewable Vitamins and Supplements

Thank you I Love Dogs for sending a box of your chewable Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Green Tea and Reishi Supplement tablets for review!

Great Danes are known for their gentle personalities and mild dispositions as well as their size. Those who are lucky enough to own a GD reap many rewards from their bond with the gentle giant but GD’s also come with some predispositions toward particular health conditions. One of those conditions being hereditary hip dysplasia, thus the need for taking daily glucosamine & chondroitin supplements. Glucosamine, in combination with chondroitin, can help “increase the sponginess and elasticity of cartilage…” as well reduce the pain and inflammation associated with hip dysplasia.

Placing capsules of supplements in Shake’s treats worked for a while but it wasn’t long before he began eating only the treat and not the capsule. The i Love Dogs Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Green Tea and Reishi Supplements are fantastic because they are liver flavored, chewable tablets. Shakespeare actually looks forward to taking his supplements now! Needless to say they are extremely convenient too. No more trying to disguise the pill or measure messy powder to sprinkle on his food. I just tell him it’s time for his supplement, he wags his tail, follows me to the treat cabinet and gobbles the tablet with gusto! He also benefits from the antioxidant support and boost to his immune system provided by the green tea and reishi.

The i Love Dogs supplements can be purchased in 30 day and 60 day quantities; are available for small, medium and large dogs; range in price from $24.99 to $69.99 and can be purchased on the I Love Dogs website.

In addition to a variety of supplements and vitamins, i Love Dogs also carries dog gear and gifts!