Plush Bindy Pet Beds by Bindaboo

Pet Product Review – Plush Bindy Pet Beds by Bindaboo

Bindaboo Pet Products

Bindy Beds by Bindaboo

Thanks to the Bindaboo team for sending one of their new Bindy Beds for review!

The new Bindy Beds are shaggy, super soft and 100% machine washable. We know first-hand that dogs often treat their beds like giant plush toys, unable to resist the desire to chew and tug until they get the stuffing out! The shaggy texture of the Bindy Bed puts the “stuffing” on the outside, removing the temptation to chew through to the bed’s filling


Our cats are so finicky, there’s no telling what they’ll like when it comes to toys or beds. With the Bindy Bed, no sooner had I taken it out of the box and tossed it on the floor then Buddha made himself right at home. He loves to roll around on it and he kneads it like crazy! He’s showing all the symptoms of a cat in love. He was more than a little put-out when it was Jade’s turn to test the new bed.

Jade had the same reaction as Buddha to the new bed, as soon as it was tossed on the floor she made herself a nest, curled up, and has spent most of the past two days there and she has made no attempt to chew it (unusual for Jade).
5 Paws Buddha and Jade agree, the Bindy Bed is a 5 paw pet product!
The Bindy Bed comes in two sizes: small (24 x 18) and large (36 x 23), costs between $40 – $50 and can be purchased at