Blue Dog Bakery All Natural Dog Treats

Pet Product Review – Blue Dog Bakery All Natural Dog Treats

Blue Dog Bakery

Blue Dog Bakery All Natural Treats

I just had to contact the Blue Dog Bakery for a sample after receiving an email from one of their customers imploring me to try their product. She said they are the only treats her dog will eat and the Doggie Paws are the only training treats that motivate Schooner in his agility classes. I was pleased to learn that Blue Dog Bakery treats are low fat and 100% natural. Our favorite kind of treat!

Blue Dog Bakery Treats

Shakespeare, Joey and Merlin were the first to sample the new treats. As I pulled two treats out of the box, I was surprised at how thick they were, they look, smell and feel like high quality human cookies (I also love all of the fun shapes). Joey and Shake can’t get enough of them and it actually takes them a minute to consume the entire treat. Now that’s a huge switch!

Merlin & Blue Dog Bakery Treats
Here’s what Merlin’s owner, 14 year old Trista had to say, “My Rottweiler, Merlin, loves the Blue Dog Bakery treats ! He is a very big fan of the meat flavors and the peanut butter and molasses (which smell like graham crackers). He can’t just have one; he sits there and asks for more. They don’t crumble in your hand and don’t leave a mess! Most dog treats make my dog puke but these don’t, I would recommend them to anyone who has a dog!”
$1 Coupon Blue Dog Bakery Treats come in a variety of flavors and sizes and cost around $5. Check their Find’em page for info on where to purchase.
Visit the Blue Dog Bakery’s Giving Back page to see the many local organizations, humane societies, events and dog-related fundraisers they support! Very nice!

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