Kong Stuff-A-Ball Treat Dispenser & Dental Toy

Pet Product Review: Kong Stuff-A-Ball treat dispenser & dental toy

Thanks to the great team at Kong for sending their Stuff-A-Ball toy for our pups to review!

Sydney & Kong

I don’t believe I know of a dog owner who doesn’t own at least one Kong toy. The Kong Company has a well deserved reputation for making fun and incredibly durable toys. Their Stuff-A-Ball toy is a treat dispenser and the Denta Ridges (on the outside), help keep your pup’s teeth clean. You can adjust the challenge level of the treat dispenser by filling it with small treats or one large treat. You can also spread soft foods (like peanut butter, soft cheese, etc.) between the ridges.

Sydney, Kaya & Kong

Lindsey introduced the toy to Kaya and Sydney and this is what she had to say, “I really like this Kong design – the treat dispenser shape is like a puzzle for the dog. I put three treats in it and it kept Sydney occupied for 45 minutes! Kaya even loved the Kong without treats in it, she chewed on it for quite a while but the Kong is so tough, she didn’t damage it at all!”

5_paws_thumb Another 5 paw pet product from the Kong Company!
The Kong Stuff-A-Ball comes in 3 sizes and sells for $4.57/$5.75/$6.66 at ANTOnline . You can find a variety of Kong dog and cat products at most pet supply retailers.

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