Nutrish Just 6 Premium Dog Treats by Rachael Ray

Pet Product Review – Nutrish Just 6 Premium Dog Treats by Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray Nutrish pet food

Nutrish Just 6 treats

Thanks Nutrish for sending along samples of you new Just 6 treats for review!

Shakespeare & Nutrish Just 6 treat

I knew the dogs loved Nutrish’s premium dog food from our review in December, so I had high hopes for their brand new Just 6 treats. Being the adventurous amateur photographer that I am, I’m always looking for interesting ways to photograph the dogs as we test pet products but, when I put a Just 6 treat in my mouth and lay on the ground, I underestimated their appeal! I was trampled, slobbered on, scratched and pawed until I finally relinquished the “golden biscuits of life.” Got lots of photos of noses and eyes!

Buddha & Nutrish Just 6 treat
Just 6 means there are just 6 simple ingredients in each flavor. The dogs love them! All three flavors: Beef, lamb and chicken! We especially like the beef and chicken flavors because they contain only 8% of protein, very important for Great Danes! One thing I didn’t count on was our kitty, Buddha, being drawn to the open pack of lamb treats on the kitchen table and absconding with a biscuit! I think he thinks he’s a dog…he loved the treat!
Nutrish Just 6 treats come in 10 oz. packages and should be available either now, or soon, in major pet supply retail stores. Be sure to download your coupon for $1.50 off! You can also visit the Nutrish site to register for a free sample of their premium dog food. Good stuff!

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