Dura Doggie & Petite Discs: Incredibly durable fetch toy, chew toy & water bowl

Pet Product Review: Dura Doggie & Petite Discs: Incredibly durable fetch toy, chew toy & water bowl

Dura Doggie & Petite Disc

Thanks to the team at Durable Ideas for sending samples of their Dura Doggie & Petite Discs for the review!

Shakespeare with the Dura Doggie Disc

The idea for the Dura Doggie Disc sprang from a group of college students searching for a “fake” product for their entrepreneurship class project. Amazingly, they found a manufacturer who was so captivated by their story and their entrepreneurial spirit that he made 1,000 units for them on consignment! The toy caught on like “wild fire” around campus however, the students made an ethical decision to delay further marketing and monetary gratification until their product passed the product safety test, which it did with flying colors!

Joey & Shakespeare drinking from the Dura Doggie Disc
We put the Disc to the ultimate test by bringing in our heavy-weight tester, “Shakespeare the Great” (Dane, that is). Shake and his owner, Jessica, played a fierce, no-holds-barred, game of tug-of-war with the rubber orb. Shakespeare has very large, very sharp teeth (see inset above), but after 20 minutes of intensely vigorous tugging and chewing, I couldn’t find a single tooth mark on the toy! Mystifying, but true! The Dura Doggie Disc is a virtually indestructible chew toy, fetch toy and water bowl, perfect for dog park and beach outings!
5_paws_thumb Dura Doggie Disc is without a doubt a 5 paw pet product!
You can purchase the Dura Doggie Disc for $13.99 and the smaller Petite Disc for $11.99 online at DuraDoggie.com. One disc for every 10 sold is donated to an organization helping dogs.
We raise our water bowls in a toast to the Dura Doggie Design Team and their success in escaping the shackles of cubicle careers! Can’t wait to see what your next product will be!

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