yöghund organic frozen yogurt for dogs

Pet Product Review: yöghund organic frozen yogurt for dogs

yoghund frozen yogurt treats

yoghund frozen yogurt treats

The dogs send a big, “Woof!” of gratitude to the folks at The Barking Dog, LTD for sending them samples of yöghund to review!

yoghund frozen yogurt
The temperature was a miserable 98 degrees the day the yöghund arrived…we have no air-conditioning…good things really do come in small packages! Main ingredients: Organic nonfat yogurt, water, organic banana puree, organic peanut butter and the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable! Outstanding when you’re looking for a healthy treat to help your dog cool down on a hot summer’s day!
The dogs love yöghund. My daughter kept moving Shakespeare’s carton of yöghund to try to provide me with interesting photo opportunities which caused Shake great distress! He wanted his yöghund and he wanted it now! The dogs would not move or allow themselves to be distracted, even by a squirrel who foolishly jumped from a tree into the yard, until they had licked the cartons clean! My daughter and I tried some too, it was good! Though I think the banana/peanut butter combo is more Elvis’ style than mine, he would have dug it!
yöghund comes in banana & peanut butter, blueberry & vanilla and costs around $11 for a package of 4 – 3.5 ounce canisters. You can purchase yöghund online at PetFoodDirect.com or visit yöghund’s Store Locator page to find a pet supply retailer who carries the frozen yogurt treats in your area.
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