Customized Whole Food Dog Meals by Proportions

Pet Product Review: Customized whole food dog meals by Proportions Canine Nutrition

Proportions Canine Nutrition

Proportions Canine Nutrition

Thank you Proportions Canine Nutrition for sending samples of your custom whole food!


The Proportions website allows you to customize you dog’s food based on hissize, age, energy level and body mass, thus controlling his daily caloric intake. With dog obesity on the rise, seems like it only makes sense to start paying closer attention to our dog’s diet just as we do our own. I found their website to be very educational…did you know that even high quality kibble is essentially “fried” during processing? The”frying”destroys many of the nutrients, so the kibble is thensprayedwith synthetic nutrients. That just doesn’t sound good.

Proportions whole food meal

A Proportion meal includes 3 packets: Hearty Stew – chicken in pumpkin soup; Crunchy Blend – premium quality holistic dry food and; Harvest Mix – gently dehydrated fresh fruits & vegetables. It’s very easy to prepare, looks and smells good and Joey practically inhaled it! Joey is a tad on the heavy side so feeding him a low-cal diet that is nutritious and delicious is a no-brainer! I also love that it can be tailored for Giant Breeds like our Great Dane, Shakespeare, who requires a very low-protein diet.

Prices vary depending on your dog’s specific needs and feeding schedule but it appears to be around $100 for a 4 week supply (that’s for 2 meals per day/56 meals). They also offer a $5 risk free trial (2 meals) and have a special offer running: 2nd month (4 week supply) free if you sign-up on the Proportions website now.
Proportions has also started a new Canine Nutrition University – a free, online educational resource to help dog owners learn about making smarter, more informed decisions about how they feed their dogs. The first session it titled, “Is Your Head Still in the Bag?” Looks interesting!