The Original Pet Fountain by Drinkwell

Pet Product Review – The Original Pet Fountain by Drinkwell


Drinkwell Pet Fountains

Having been owned by a cat years ago who developed a painful urinary tract infection, I knew the importance of cats drinking plenty of fresh water every day. Sometime later I came across an article saying that cats drink running water much more frequently because it is aerated continuously, making it much fresher than water that sits all day in a bowl. After adopting 2 rescue kitties in 2006, we decided to purchase a Drinkwell pet fountain and put it to the test.

Drinkwell ReservoirDrinkwell Cleaning KitDrinkwell Replacement Filters

The cats took to it immediately! All 3 of them visited their new fountain several times a day, keeping me scurrying to constantly replenish the water. That is, until I wised up and purchased the additional 70 ounce reservoir! Adding the reservoir has drastically reduced the number of times I need to refill the fountain. The cats are drinking much more water from the fountain then they did from their bowls. It’s easy to disassemble and clean, though I do recommend that you pick-up a Drinkwell cleaning kit which includes a long, skinny brush needed to get into some tight spots in the fountain. 4 years later and it’s working as well as it did when we first plugged it in! I recommend Drinkwell fountains to any and every pet owner!

The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is well worth the investment of $49.99! You can purchase Drinkwell fountains and supplies at most retail pet supply stores and online at

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