Winga Disc Launcher & Wander Collar for dogs by Kurgo

Pet Product Review – Winga disc launcher & Wander Collar for dogs by Kurgo


Kurgo Winga

Thanks Kurgo for sending a Winga and Wander Collar for review!

Shake with Kurgo Wander Collar

The very stylish Kurgo Wander Collar has a leash ring that doubles as a bottle opener! Great for those long, hot days when he’s hanging out in the backyard with his best friend. We found the collar to be very well-made and quite fashionable. Definitely a five paw pet product!

Shakespeare & Winga

The Kurgo Winga is a rubber disc complete with handheld “launcher” that can launch discs up to 200 feet! We first took Shakespeare in the backyard and tossed the discs around until he had no doubt that they were his toys and he anxiously awaited each toss. We then used the launcher and Shake had a great time trying to catch the heavy rubber discs before they hit the ground! We did have to adjust the launcher’s prongs until we had them set to release on cue (as the package instructed us to do). Great interactive toy for owner and dog! Also provides many “Kodak moments” for those of us who love to capture our pets in action! Five paws up, again!

You can purchase the Wander Collar online at, it sells for $9.99. You can also purchase the Kurgo Winga launcher with 2 discs on the Kurgo site for $19.99. You can purchase additional discs in packages of 2 for $12.99.

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