Wellness Slow-Cooked Chunky Stews for Dogs

Pet Product Review – Wellness slow-cooked chunky stews for dogs

Wellness Natural Pet Food

The panel sends a big howl of gratitude to the Wellness team for sending samples of their new Chunks & Gravy stews!

The past few months I’ve made creative attempts to “jazz up” Joey’s lackluster dinner meals though I fear my methods of “jazzing” would most likely be condemned by any respectable pet nutritionist. Enter Wellness Chunks & Gravy stews…

I was quite surprised at how much the Beef Stew looked and smelled like my own homemade beef stew! The gravy is thick and filled with chunks of beef and vegetables. I honestly think I could put it in a bowl, heat it up and serve it to my husband who would be none the wiser and would shower me with compliments (and perhaps a back-rub) for my culinary feat! LOL!

I added a couple of generous spoonfuls to Joey’s dry food and, though I had no doubt he’d like it, wasn’t fully prepared for the degree to which he would express his approval. We listened from the adjoining room as Joey ate his dinner with uncharacteristic speed and zeal and then heard a loud, “Clang, clang, clang!” as his metal bowl hit the wall repeatedly while Joey’s tongue searched desperately for any missed drops of gravy. Shakespeare was equally enthusiastic in his review of the Turkey & Duck stew!

Though I harbor suspicions that Joey & Shakespeare somehow gained access to the computer, overcame the challenge of not having opposable thumbs and contacted the vendor for samples, we’re sold on the new Wellness stews and plan on exploring the entire line!

The 12.5 oz canned stews come in a variety of flavors including Chicken Stew with peas & carrots, Turkey & Duck Stew with sweet potatoes & cranberries and more. Since this is a new product, I was not able to find an online retailer yet but you can enter your address or zip code on the Wellness website’s store locator page to pull-up a list of stores in your area who carry Wellness pet foods . Well worth the effort!