Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test

Pet Product Review – Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test


Ever wonder why your sweet rescue pup barks non-stop? Or why she’s obsessed with running in circles every time she’s let loose in the backyard? In many cases genetic factors predispose some breeds to certain behavioral traits, medical conditions or special dietary needs. Knowing your dog’s ancestry can help you meet his innate behavioral needs and take a proactive approach to any health issues that his or her breed mix may be susceptible to developing.

When our daughter and her fiancé adopted Jade, the shelter’s best guess was that she was primarily a mixture of Basenji and Miniature Pinscher breeds. We then received the Insights Dog DNA Test from the dog lovers at Wisdom Panel to review and boy, were they in for a surprise!


On 12/3 we sent in the swab samples; on 12/10 we received an email from Insights confirming their receipt of the samples with a link to track the testing progress online; on 12/17 we received an email with a link to the results:


Russell Terrier, Schipperke and Poodle! The results are in the form of a downloadable PDF with an easy to understand guide to interpreting the results. Now that her owners know her genetic history, they have researched the traits of the 3 breeds listed and found that she possesses more of the traits associated with those breeds than she does either the Basenji or Min Pin breeds!

This test is fun and informative! Great for yourself or for the mixed breed owner on your gift list!

You can purchase the Wisdom Panel Insights Dog DNA Test for $79.99 on the Wisdom Panel’s website.

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