Clicker Leash by The Clicker Leash Co.

Product Review – Clicker Leash by the Clicker Leash Co.


When the nice folks at Clicker Leash sent us their product to review, we knew we had the perfect panel member to test it! Little Jade was adopted just a few months ago and is working on learning some basic commands.

My daughter and I started by watching the free tutorials on the Clicker Leash website. We began with the sit command and were able to quickly move on to the stay command. We used the click and treat reward method and found Jade to be an eager learner.
My daughter really likes the fact that the clicker is contained in the handle of the leash, saving her the trouble of searching for it when it’s time for Jade’s walk and training lesson for the day. I liked the added bonus of the free tutorials that were short and easy to understand.
The leash comes with a 3ft leash (in either 1/2″ or 1″ widths), leash handle, and basic instructions. You can purchase them on the Clicker Leash website in blue, brown, grey or red for $34.95 or, find a list of retailers who carry them here.
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