Sergeant’s Good Behavior Pheromone Calming Collars

Pet Product Review – Sergeant’s Good Behavior Pheromone Calming Collars for Dogs & Cats


Having tried a different pet company’s pheromone room diffuser for cats earlier this year and seeing absolutely no change in our cat’s behavior, I was skeptical when I received the Good Behavior pheromone collars from Sergeant’s to test.Sergeant’s would really have to work a miracle to win me over!

We decided to test the cat collar on our FeLV kitty, Indy, who is high-strung and stressed most of the time, and the dog collar on our daughter’s hyper-active Papillion dog, Noah, who is suffering from separation anxiety in the form of barking and hyper-activity, (above and beyond the Papillion breed’s natural tendencies), since his best friend and companion, Yuki, went to the Rainbow Bridge 3 weeks ago. While attempting to get the collar on Indy, (who is an indoor cat and has never worn a collar before), I couldn’t help but wish I had my own pheromone collar to help me weather the ordeal!

The first few days passed and neither my daughter nor myself noticed any significant changes in our pet’s behavior, so I started to think it was all a bunch of hooey! But low and behold, after one week, family members started commenting on the fact that Indy had become more sociable and was tolerating petting for much longer periods of time before going in to “hiss mode.” Then my daughter called to say that, to her amazement, Noah’s behavior had changed dramatically too! His barking was reduced to a minimum and he was much less hyper than he was before wearing the collar. We’re sold! These collars really do work!

Check out the FAQ section on the Sergeant’s website for answers to some frequently asked questions about the Calming Collars.

You can purchase the Good Behavior Calming Collars at most pet supply retailers or you can purchase them online at ($9.49 for cats and $13.20 for dogs).

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