Greenies Dental Chews

Pet Product Review: Greenies Dental Chews

Joey is our lovable, 10-year-old Lab, who does not have a discriminating bone in his body much less his palate. He savors the flavors of anything he can get his furry little paws on. That’s why I’m always happy to discover treats that are actually good for him and don’t just pack-on the pounds!

Joey delights in the taste and texture of the Greenies Dental Chews for big dogs while he unknowingly reaps the many benefits that come from chewing them: Help in controlling plaque and tartar, fresher breath, a healthier immune system, and a dose of daily fiber. The fresher breath is literally an in-my-face benefit that aids in prolonging our “cuddle time” every night.

You can find Greenies products at most pet supply stores.