Buddy Beds For Orthopedic Hip Dysplasia Relief

Pet Product Review – Buddy Beds For Orthopedic Hip Dysplasia Relief

Are you looking for that perfect holiday gift for your senior dog; one that is not only stylish, comfortable, but practical. I found a great dog bid for you: Dog Beds from Buddy Beds.


Buddy Beds uses only the highest quality of memory foam which has been proven to relieve stress on joints and provide a comfortable rest solution for poor dogs with hip dysplasia. Here is information direct from the manufacturer on the benefits of memory foam:

Memory Foam Dog Beds Take Away the Pain.

It breaks our hearts to watch our beloved Buddy�s suffer from the pain of canine arthritis and hip dysplasia. Buddy Beds are designed for older dogs that need that extra joint support and comfort. Traditional dog beds with traditional materials create pressure points that cut off circulation preventing blood flow through the joint. It is just like oil in a car, the blood flowing through the joint lubricates the joint. Memory foam eliminates ALL of those painful pressure point — allowing the blood to continuously lubricate the joint as your Buddy rests or sleeps upon their Buddy Bed. You will see as your dog uses their memory foam dog bed, they will not be as stiff and sore in the mornings after sleeping.

Painful pressure points build up, and that is why pets (and humans) toss and turn to find a more comfortable position. Studies have show memory foam to reduce tossing and turning in humans by 90%. Buddy Beds orthopedic memory foam dog beds mold and contours to your Buddy’s body, relieving those painful pressure points that cut off circulation.

All beds are:

  • Waterproof, breathable fabric liner protects the memory foam
  • Cozy, easily removable, washable outer covers
  • Guaranteed to last!

To order your Buddy Bed go directly to their website at:


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