Bad Cuz Squeaky Heavy-Duty Rubber Ball With Feet

Pet Product Review – Bad Cuz Squeaky Heavy-Duty Rubber Ball with Feet

When you have a puppy in the house, like I do, you look for toys that not only are squeaky fun, but also able to stand up to a puppy’s sharp teeth, and keep him occupied. The toy I recommend: Bad Cuz Squeaky Heavy-Duty Rubber Ball with Feet

Not only is this toy adorable and cute, it is virtually indesctructible.


The Bad Cuz is a long lasting heavy-duty rubber ball with feet. Within its thick-walled lining is a loud and strong squeaker. The unusual “walking” balls are made from 100% Tough-by-Nature rubber and provide unpredictable bounce for fun exercise. Bad Cuz toys come in three sizes: Small 3″H x 2 1/4″W, Medium 4″H x 3 1/2″W, and Large 5″H x 4″W. Small are available in assorted colors. Colors may vary. Medium and Large are available in red only.

Order yours at Alpha Dog Toys: Small $3.99, Medium $5.99, Large $8.99

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