Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Pet Product Review – Zuke’s Mini Naturals

So, I’ve been on a quest for just the right training treat for Charlie. I think I may have found it: Zuke’s Mini Naturals. These 16oz bags of treats are just the perfect size for training. No more breaking crackers and biscuits in half, each treat is the perfect size, and only 2 calories each.

Flavors come in Salmon, Chicken and Peanut Butter:


These healthy moist dog treats contain no wheat, corn or soy and ar free of artificial colors and flavors. They are made in the USA, always good by me. A 16 oz bag will last a few months and is only $10.80. Order yours directly from Zuke’s at: http://www.zukes.com/woof/mini-naturals.html

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