The Company of Animals – Dog Puzzels

Pet Product Review – The Company of Animals – Dog Puzzels

Did you know that more than 75% of pet parents purchase holiday gifts for their pets? Well now, the UK’s leading specialist in dog behavior and training products, the company of animals has made available in the US an innovative pet puzzle collection. the concept is that dogs have a natural instinct in need mental as well as physical exercise. These games can help their dogs achieved that natural potential. Their games: Dog Tornado or Dog Brick, not only key your dog mentally fit, but they’re great fun for the whole family.

I was sent a sample of their game Dog Brick. This plastic puzzle is a stimulating, creative takeoff on the old shell game. To work the brick treats are hidden in the recesses located under a series of interlocking sliding blocks. Since the blocks cannot be removed, the dog is required to locate the treats by sliding them to retrieve the reward. This helps enhance both mental and physical decks verity. The dogs level of difficulty for the brick can be varied, depending upon the dog’s experience and his enthusiasm for the game

I have three dogs test this game. First was my puppy Charlie. He was four months old. Quite simply, he was too young for the game and too easily distracted. The next was Corona a 2-year-old pit bul,. her enthusiasm for the game was a bit too aggressive. Thus making the game not too pleasurable for me. The final game player was Murphy, a 10-year-old min pin. She got it. It took her about 20 minutes to realize what the game was all about, however. It was a short time after that 20 minutes, when her enthusiasm for the game waned. So, I suggest if you’re interested in purchasing this game, do try to predetermine your dog’s enthusiasm.

The games are available on their website for 20 UK pound sterling. I have trouble with this. I find the game quite expensive and if they are truly trying to capture the attention of the American market they need to have a better website and in US dollars.

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