Handmade dog and cat Collars, by The Hydrant

Pet Product Reviews – Handmade dog and cat Collars, by The Hydrant


Today I had the opportunity to introduce to you The Hydrant. The Hydrant is it’s rondo-based company that specializes in the most unique, stylish collars leashes and pet accessories. All of which are handmade with exquisite detail. I was fortunate to have been sent a sample of one of three collars and have actually been stopped on the street while I walk my dog asking where I got that adorable collar. All of the collars and leashes are made of 100% cotton so the collar is soft to the touch and soft for your pet. The fabric that is used comes from famous designers such as Alexander Henry J. McCarroll Heather Ross and more. Every item is adjustable and quadruple stitched at stress points. This prevents breaking and and prolongs durability.

Now the real selling point for me are the metal buckles. You will never go back to a collar with a plastic buckle again. The buckles are welded and secure, easily into place. They don’t bend. They don’t chip. They don’t crush like so many other plastic buckles I’ve used. Surprisingly the buckle despite being metal is extremely light. And now I never have to worry if my dog pulls that the collar will break and he’ll run away.


I happen to especially love the collar that has a reflective badge on it. This way any oncoming cars will see us as we walk at night.

If you consider yourself fashion forward, and style is important to you, you must get a collar from The Hydrant. prices range from $15-$25and you can purchase directly on their website http://thehydrant.wordpress.com/shop/ While you are there check out their amazinggift items.

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