Anti-Bark SprayCollar by Multivet

Pet Product Review – Anti-Bark SprayCollar by Multivet


So, my puppy Charlie is now four months old. Do you know what that means? Hfound his voice. It’s a cute little bark but it’s not one that I’dlike to develop. Being a sheltie a breed that’s known for its loud high-pitched annoying bark, I need to pay particular attention to his mouthiness because I live in an apartment building in New York City. The last thing I need our neighbors complaining that my dog barks too loud.

With that I bought the anti-bark spray collar by Multivet. This anti-bark spray collar contains citronella and is sprayed when the dog barks. It’s actually a very simple concept. But does it work? Well, with Charlie he certainly will bark right through the citronella spray. But I do seein his face that it’s very unpleasant. So much, so that when I put the collar on him he immediately becomes depressed and will sit in the corner. So does it work? I guess it does. But the fear of the collar is more effective than the spray. Because I never want to see my puppy in a depressed state, I’d rather deal with the barking.

But here is some product information from a website that I recommend should you be interested in purchasing,

The MULTIVET Citronella Anti-Bark Spray Collar is approved by veterinarians and behavioral experts. Clinical studies conducted by the College of Veterinary medicine of Cornell University, (as published in the Journal of the American Hospital Association), have proven that the Citronella Bark Collar is TWICE effective as Shock Collars!

Sonic dog barking collars are virtually ineffective compared to sprays. Each bark triggers a harmless spray that conditions the dog to stop barking.


# Original spray device

# Adjustable collar

# Battery

# Training manual

# Citronella spray refill or scentless refill

The anti-bark spray collar by multivet is available for $52.95.

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