Dogtonics Lazer Bone

Pet Product Reviw – Dogtonics Lazer Bone

I’ve seen friends of mine play with their cats and their dogs using a laser light. I’ve always thought it was good fun although it does make your pet a little crazy. Dogtronics sent me a sample of their laser bone like toy. Both my cat and my dog go crazy for this game of chasing the laser light around the floor. I don’t think they know it’s me controlling the laser light but when they see that red dot frolic across the floor it is just wild.


Here is info from their website:


Help your dog chase his dreams by creating an invigorating light show with our hand-held lazer bone light toy.

• moving laser light beam triggers a dog’s instinct to chase

• entertaining interactive play for you and your dog

• encourages healthy exercise the fun way

• simple to use, indoors or out


• recycled plastic ‘bone-shaped’ toy casing

• includes batteries plus (3) replacement batteries

• available in green, blue and orange

• NOTE: Read instructions/safety info on package before use

frequently asked questions – laser bone light toy:

How does this toy work?

Laser Bone is an interactive toy that is meant to be enjoyed by dog and dog owners alike. The handheld laser toy allows you to point and move a fine stream of light at a wall, the ground, the ceiling or wherever you want to point it (EXCEPT DIRECTLY INTO YOUR DOG’S EYES), creating squiggles of fast-moving light your dog will love to chase. It’s a great form of exercise for your dog and highly entertaining for you to watch. Remove the pull tab on the underside of the toy. Press and hold the button on top of the toy to activate the laser beam. Release button for OFF position.

Laser bone can be found in Wal-Mart and other pet stores that sell DogTronic products.

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