Pet Botanics Training Rewards

Pet Product Review – Pet Botanics Training Rewards


As you may know I have a new puppy, his name is Charlie. And I am very proud to say that Charlie has been housetrained in less than two months. In fact, hehas not had an accident in the house, in over one week there is no secret, my training technique is very frequent walks and always rewarding Charlie with a savory treat. The treat I am using this month is premium pork liver Training Reward by Pet Botanics.

What I like about this product is that it’s perfectly shaped and sized for one small treats. So, this there is no waste and no unnecessary calories. My dog Charlie just seemed to love the taste. Pet Botanics Training Rewards comes in a very convenient resealable of 3.5 oz. They are made in the USA. Always a plus for me. A super premium liver treat for only $3.49.

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