Dogzilla Tug

Pet Product Review – Dogzilla Tug

Why just play tug of war when you can incorporate a treat surprise as well. The good people at Petmate sent me an assortment of Dogzilla toys to try out with my puppy Charlie. We love the Dogzilla durable chew toys, but when it comes to fun, its the Dogzilla Tug Toy we love the most.


Playing tug of war just comes so natural to a dog, especially puppies. My Charlie will play a good game of tug of war whenever he gets the chance, but it was at the mercy of old socks and an occasional slipper. Not the best. Petmate, came up with a tug of war solution that is practical for any size dog, a sturdy rope toy that will not fray or rip. But they did something very innovative. They incorporated the pinata concept. So that when your dog pulls on the tug of war toy just right, a surprize treat falls out. You’ve got to try this Dogzilla tug toy. It’s so funny to see the expression on your dog’s face when the toy separates and the treat falls out.

I love the Dogzilla tug toy. They are available at Walmart. Here is a website that has a description of the wide variety of Dogzilla toys available at Walmart:

They make such a perfect gift. Get yours today.

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