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Pet Product Review – Topline Canine Care

Those of us who know that having a beautiful dog means having the commitment keeping it beautiful. There are no short cuts, it takes time, dedication and hardwork to keep your dog’s coat looking its best. Lucky for ust there is an awesome new line of grooming products called Topline Canine Care. Topline shampoo and conditioner products are designed to nourish, sooth and refresh your dog’s coat, and uses only the finest gentle and nonirritating products. You can visit their website at


My friend Barry, who is a groomer in a top New York grooming salon and I tried the Topline system over the weekend on two dogs, a short haired pit/boxer and a cocker spaniel. Barry who is very fussy about grooming products went throught the routine, and afterwards, simply said “he liked the product, it lathered well, the fragrance was great without being over powering, and the hair dried nicely.” From Barry, that was quite a compliment.

For me, I said “looks like the dogs were sent out to the cleaners and came back delightfully pressed and clean.” The dogs just looked vibrant and healthy. You can just see that the dog’s hair had been moisturized. I especially like how the products are fortified with SPF sun protection. This is especially important for puppies as they are more

susceptible to sunburn.

Using the Topline grooming solutions shampoo and conditioner is very easy, and affordable. If you’re interested in purchasing Topline Canine Care, call the manufacturer directly or go to their website:

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