Dogzilla® Durable Rubber Toys

Pet Product Review – Dogzilla® Durable Rubber Toys

So, the good people at Aspen Pet Products, Inc. asked if I can review their Dogzilla dog toys. Of course I said yes. But I didn’t expect the huge variety they would send me. I was shocked. They literally have a dog toy for every size dog and every type of play. It is amazing.

So, I’m going to start today with the Dogzilla® Durable Rubber Toys:


Here is my friend Scar playing with his Dogzilla Toy and can I tell you he just loved his Dogzilla filled with peanut butter.


Can I tell you every dog owner needs a collection of these rubber toys. They are wonderful. Perfect to ease moments of anxiety when your pet is bored because each toy has a cavity that can be filled with a treat, biscuit or peanut butter. Your pup will be occupied for quite some time. But these toys are much more than just a rubber toy that holds a treat, they are special. Here is what Aspen Pet says about them:

A strong rubber toy with chicken flavor* that dogs love

Meet Dogzilla®! These are the ultimate dog toys created with a revolutionary new process that infuses chicken flavor in the rubber. Dogzilla® has the right taste and smell for your pup! The three unique designs come in four sizes including Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. If your dog chews through one of the Dogzilla toys, immediately replace it with another Dogzilla a size larger.

A Bit of Advice: NOT A FOOD PRODUCT. For your dog’s safety, please replace any damaged Dogzilla®s immediately. If your pup chews through the toy too quickly, be sure to replace with a size larger to give him or her more of a challenge. This toy provides no significant nutrients or nutritional value.

You can buy Dogzilla Rubber Toys just about anywhere. I like the selection at Drs. Foster and Smith. They have many different sizes at reasonable price starting from $9.99 to 15.99. Order yours here:

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