Baked Pork Earz by Pork Chomps

Pet Product Review – Baked Pork Earz by Pork Chomps

If there is one treat your dog goes bonkers over it’s probaby those succulent pigs ears treats that can be found at any pet store. Pigs ears are a natural treat that do provide great relief for dogs who like to chew and gnaw. The only problem is that many of those pigs ear treats are deep fried and full of fat. That is why I was quite excited to find Baked Pork Earz by Pork Chomps.


Pork Earz do have less fat than the fried pig ear products because they are baked:


Crude Protein (Min) …95%

Crude Fat (Min) …3.5%

Crude Fiber (Max) …0.04%

Moisture (Max) …13%

One problem however, I have not found a dog that enthusiastically begs for the treats or consumes the whole Pork Earz product. Despite the great price of $15 for 14 pieces, the bag was not consumed. I guess once a dog gets the tast of the fattening version, they are less likely to go back to a baked product.

One huge negative for me is that the Pork Earz products are made in China. Despite the fact that the manufacturer, Scott Pet has not had any recalls, I don’t feel comfortable recommending Chinese made pet treats and food. But, here is the press release from Scott Pet:

Pork Chomps are manufactured in a plant that produces chews exclusively for Scott Pet. A member of the Scott management team maintains an office on site. This has enabled us to implement and enforce the same strict guidelines when producing Pork Chomps that we maintain in our U.S. plants. It is with these measures that we can assure the safety of our product

If you are interested in purchasing Pork Earz, go to the Scott Pet website for more information.

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