Buckarooz! Free Range Antler Chews

Pet Product Review – Buckarooz! Free Range Antler Chews

Hooray! I have found a new favorite dog treat; Buckarooz! Free Range Premium Quality Antlers.


Did you know that every year deer of all kind drop their old hard antlers and start growing new or what’s called velvet antlers? Until now, the antlers just go to waste or a few turned into chandeliers. Well now there is a great new use for the antlers as All-natural antler chews. The best thing about it is that it’s comes from an annual renewable crop.

The natural “drops” from farmed and wild animals, or gently and humanely harvest the hard antler offfarmed deer in the fall.. NO ANIMALS ARE EVER HARMED. All antlers are naturally sourced in the USA, big point for me.

All Buckarooz! antler chews are all-natural as they come from wild animals or from farmed animals that are never given any steroids, unnecessary antibiotics or other growth promoting chemicals. Natural dog antler chews are much longer lasting than rawhide or synthetic chew toys, even longer than raw bones. This is due to their high calcium content of these bone-like natural growths.

Being hard antler exposed to the weather, Antler Chews are stronger than raw bones and are of a finer texture. Antler Dog Chews cut from real hard antler will not easily break, chip or splinter like cooked or raw bones might. Your dogs chewing action and the digestive action of the dogs own saliva slowly yields delicious morsels of antler for your dog to enjoy. What I particularly like about Buckarooz! Is that they leave the antler in tact so that it takes more time for your dog to consume the marrow. Some antlers I’ve tested expose the marrow and thus exhausted much earlier.

CAUTION: Like for any new chew toy or special dog snack, ALWAYS supervise your dog when giving antler chew sticks or buttons. Do not allow them to try and swallow them or break them in half. Buckarooz! Like all natural antler chews are very hard and can break teeth if too aggressively chewed. Some dogs get overly possessive of dog antler chews. Always use caution when taking an antler chew toy away from your dog.

For the best selection of Buckarooz! And best prices go to Mrs.Pets.com. Here is their link: http://www.mrspets.com/cat-antler-chews.cfm

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