Sea-Yu Clean+Green Wood and Tile Cleaner

Pet Product Review – Sea-Yu Clean+Green Wood and Tile Cleaner

As you may know, I got a puppy the other day. A baby Sheltie named Charlie. With the new pup, I’ve also made a commitment to make my house as organic and chemical free as possible. The reason, my last dog Champ died of cancer and who knows but I don’t think chemically ladden cleaning products helped at all.

Now as you can imagine, having a puppy, there are lots of spots…… pee, feces, drool and all sorts of other spots. With that, I try my best to keep Charlie confined to my kitchen with a ceramic floor or my foyer with wood parquet. Thank goodness a few months ago the people at Sea-Yu sent me a can of Sea-Yu Clean+Green Wood and Tile Cleaner for Dogs. I LOVE IT.


I love it because it not only cleans, but it elimates odor and removes stains. Its really an all purpose cleaning product. So super easy to use, just point at the spot and spray. So puppy spots, no problem! My floors look great.

Importantly, Sea-Yu Clean+Green products are completely safe for your pets and for the environment. The ingredients are all natural:

Cane sugar derivatives, proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose (cleaning agents) purified water and nitrogen and the combination naturally biodegrades the odor causing materials. Oh… And its MADE IN THE USA ! GO SEA-YU ! Personnally how it all works is too much rocket science for me. So go to their site for info on how this works:

You can find Sea-Yu Clean+Green products at any PETCO or Petsmart, or better yet, order directly from Sea-Yu. Find the entire collection at only $8.99 per bottle here:

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