Benner’s Best Friend Fence

Pet Product Review – Benner’s Best Friend Fence

If you have a dog and a yard you can’t help but always have that nagging thought in the back of your head, is my dog secure, is my dog safe, could he possible run away and escape. Quite simply if you have a dog, any size dog, and a yard you need a fence. Personally, I think it should be a law.

Well, this past weekend I was at my parents house in New Jersey, and noticed that they had installed a very unique fence system. Not so much to keep the dog in, as we no longer have a family dog, but to keep the deer off the property. The fence was along the back of the tall hemlocks where the the deer usually enter was high, about 7 feet. But in the most visible areas, such as in the front and back of the house my father explained he used the shorter 5′ fencing made for dogs. He told me that he ordered Benner’s Best Freind Fencing at the recommendation of his landscaper who also has a dog run made of the same fence material.

What I like about Benner’s Best Friend Fencing, is that it is virtually invisible. Especially when hidden by folliage you can barely detect it is there. And at the points where the fence is fully exposed, well… you hardly notice those areas too.


But just because its subtle in visibility doesn’t mean it is not strong. Benner’s Best Friend Fence is a high-strength, weather resistant polypropylene mesh grid, super easy to install on wood or metal poles and even trees without changing the aesthetics of your property. Now Benner’s has an excellent website that will help you design exactly the dog run or dog park just perfectly suited to your pooch. The prices are great and packages start at only $289 and that includes free shipping. Go to this page for ideas: and should you need assistance call toll free at 800-753-4880.

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