Polkadot Bakery Unique Dog Treats Boston

Pet Product Review – Polkadot Bakery Unique Dog Treats Boston

You know whenever I travel I try and find the most unique and special dog store or dog product I can. Well, this week I’m in historic Boston and stumbled across a gem. The Polkadot Bakery Unique Dog Treats Boston.

This place is really specially because not only do they sell products that are handmade, all natural and have ingredients specifically selected to suite canine tastes. Their story is as charming as the store. They were inspired by a little homeless dog that warmed their heart. This dog had only one eye and would dance everytime she got a little attention. As it turned out, everyone loved her.

Now one of the things about summer is that you’re always being invited to bbq’s and pool parties or to a summer weekend. If you are, think about bringing a Polkadot Bakery gift. I recommend the 16 oz bag of organic dog treats:


The bags are only $10.95 and make the perfect gift. Go to their site for ordering information: http://www.polkadog.com/shop.php?main_page=index&cPath=1

Or if you’re in Boston, go to their store: Polka Dog Bakery is located at 256 Shawmut Avenue in Boston’s historic South End

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