Dog Gone Smart (TM) line of dog beds

Pet Product Review – Dog Gone Smart (TM) line of dog beds

As you all know, I love really smart products. Products that are useful, practical, affordable, innovative and stylish. Well there is a company that thinks the same way I do: Dog Gone Smart. Well, just today, Dog Gone Smart released their new line of dog beds that use Nanoshpere nano technology. What is Nanoshpere nano technology, well according to their press release,

The NanoSphere(R) fabric finish uses nanotechnology, creating a non-visible structured textile surface so that coat oil, dirt, and liquids run off the surface. Any residue can easily be rinsed off with water or machine washed. NanoSphere(R) is currently used in premium fashion and performance human clothing brands and fabrics used for home furnishings. The fabric stands up to frequent washing and is highly abrasion resistant. NanoSphere(R) was developed in Switzerland and carries the label “bluesign(R) approved”. The bluesign(R) standard is based on the world’s strictest EHS (environment, health and safety) stipulations for textiles and examines all the relevant components from the very beginning of the manufacturing process. Nano Pet products are also bacteriostatic, which inhibits the spread of bacteria that can cause odor.

So not only do you get the most stylish dog bed that has always been filled with hypoallergenic soft hollow-core slick fiber fill, you get one that repels everything nasty.


And more than beds, Dog Gone Smart sells these lovely throws. I really like this product!!! Prices, products start at $45, very affordable. But go to for more information. There you can see cool videos and get all the sizing information you need. Also, they have the list of every retailer that carries the Dog Gone Smart bed and other products in your area.

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