The Stuff for dogs Concentrated Conditioner & Detangler

Pet Product Review – The Stuff for dogs Concentrated Conditioner & Detangler 16 oz

So Barry, my groomer friend told me about a product that he’s started to use and says is just great: The Stuff for dogs Concentrated Conditioner & Detangler.


Now Barry is not one for words. He simply said, “this stuff is great, you spray it on during the drying process, dry a little bit more and water just sheds right off.” He claims it cuts the drying process in half. He doesn’t know what’s inside, but the agent acts like a silicon detangler.

Here are the words direct from the recommended retailer :

“The Stuff, unique leave-in hair conditioner,

dematter, detangler that is hypoallergenic

as well as non-toxic.

The Stuff conditions and protects a pet’s coat

while removing and preventing tangles.

Penetrates mats and tangles to save you time

during comb out. Silicon formulation repels dirt,

dust and urine so coats stay cleaner longer.

The Stuff is great to use on all coat types,

including horse manes and tails!”

Barry recommends the 16oz pre mixed bottle. It’s just easier. But he did forewarn that this product he does not recommend for dogs with fine hair, like a Yorkie. It makes the hair look too greasy. Also, he’s never used it on a cat.

Now I comparison shopped and does have the best prices for this product, $5.95 for the 16 oz bottle. Buy yours at:

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