ZiwiPeak “Good Dog” Deer Antler Treats

Pet Products Review – ZiwiPeak Good Dog Deer Antler Treats

About a month ago I was sitting at a very trendy outdoor cafe in New York, and one of my very chic fellow diners had brought her small dog and what looked like a chew bone. Well, let me tell you the dog loved whatever that bone was. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it wasn’t a bone at all, but a deer antler. Can you believe it.

So without delaying time, I got myself an antler from ZiwiPeak. My new panelist Corona the 11 month pit bull eagerly tested the sample.

 ZiwiPeak Good Dog Deer Antler Treats

Well let’s put it this way, Corona loved this antler. It took her 3 full days to chew the antler completely. That’s pretty good for a pit bull. Now what I liked about the antlere treat was that it is completely all natural. No perservatives or chemicals, the antlers are naturally fallen antlers that are soaked in salt water. I also like that the antlers don’t splinter like many bones. So its safe to leave the antler with your dog even when you’re not home.

ZiwiPeak is a premium all natural pet food company with superior products, but they do come at a premium price. ZiwiPeak antlers start at $9 for a small size, $11 for medium and $13 for a large antler. Go to Only Natural Pets to order:


My one suggestion, order a size medium or large. Although the antler doesnt splinter, I fear that little nob left may be a choking hazard for an avid chewer like a pit bull.

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