Photography by Ron Schmidt –

Pet Product Review – Photography by Ron Schmidt –

Have you ever been completely facinated by art and photography to the point where you keep going back, time and time again for a closer inspection? Photography especially captivates me. And what could be better than photography that includes my favorite passion; dogs!

Well, you can just imagine how I feel when I look at the photography of Ron Schmidt. Ron started his photography career in New York’s famous fashion world. He worked with supermodels and high fashion in exotic places, but it wasn’t until he started his own studio with a priceless holiday card of a yellow lab with a Christmas tree on his back that Ron truly found his niche, working with dogs. I can’t tell you how much I love Ron’s photography of dogs of all types, characters and settings. And now, thanks to his new online store, you can purchase prints directly from the artist.

Woody by Ron Schmidt

How the heck he gets those dogs to pose the way they do is beyond me. But, what I find so facinating about Ron’s photographs is that not only does each capture the moment and set a mood, but he captures the pure emotion and joy that only a dog can unconditionally offer. I find his art inspirational to say the least.

ron schmidtRon schmidtRon Schmidt

If you love dogs and art, I recommend you go to The site has a huge selection of prints available for sale. They make perfect gifts; especially for Dads and Grads. Every print may comes in a variety of sizes and framed, unframed, matted, and even signed by Ron Schmidt himself! And all at prices that are affordable even for dorm rooms. There is FREE SHIPPING on every order over $100.

When you’re on the be sure to sign up for newsletters to be connected with Ron and his community of dog lovers and the charities that receive a portion of every sale. Most of all, enjoy the photography!

If you have a pet product you think will pass the Secret Shopper Test, send an email to [email protected]