Doggles ILS – Eye Goggles For Dogs

Pet Product Review – Doggles ILS – Eye Goggles For Dogs

I know, you’re thinking…what? Eye goggles for dogs…. ABSOLUTELY.

Doggles ILS - Eye Goggles For Dogs

Think about it, many breeds have what you may call “buggy” eyes. Pugs are the most well known for this. They lead with their eyes, and in fact Pugs are common victims of many eye condition problems. Some may include scratching, excessive tearing, and foreign elements. Could you imagine those lovely brown eyes that give you devotion ever being hurt? NO!

I love Koggles ILS. They are goggles especially designed for dogs. Not only do they protect against the conditions mentioned above, but they have UVA protection. Although your little one certainly won’t like them, they will get used to them and they are a necessity. I have a friend with a pug and she told me her little Pug, Cubby never goes for a walk with out them. He has a tendency to run under bushes and brambles. She also told me that when she travels in the car, Cubby can now put his head out the window without the fear of trauma to the eye.

If you’re considering buying Doggles, go directly to their site: there you will find a varieties of colors and 5 sizes.

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