The Daily Show takes on puppy mills and Missouri’s Prop B


For me, it doesn’t get any more perfect than Jon Stewart: funny man, Pit Bull lover. But then last night on his program The Daily Show, perfect got even better when he introduced correspondent Olivia Munn’s segment on puppy mills.

Munn interviews Anita Andrews from the anti-HSUS organization, Alliance for Truth, in the aftermath of the passing of Proposition B. This, of course, is the Missouri measure which mandates the humane treatment of puppies and breeding dogs. Andrews’s idiocy speaks for itself when she likens puppy mill regulation to communism and tells Munn that calls for “adequate food” and “adequate water” are unneeded.  

Andrews then goes on to defend stacking crates of dogs on top of one another, a common puppy mill practice that ensures the spread of disease – not to mention filth – as urine and fecal matter dribble and ooze to the crates below. “We stack humans all the times,” Andrews insists. Never mind the inaccuracy – “all the times“?

Munn even gets Cesar Millan to weigh in on the matter — for the record, the Dog Whisperer is pro-Prop B. Me, I’m just hoping that next time Dogtime is called for an expert opinion. We’d be more than happy to oblige The Daily Show with an interview. Jon Stewart, are you listening?

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