Lucky has been locked in a basement for years — HELP FREE HIM

This just in from Nancy Bartley at the Seattle Times :

“A dog that’s been living in the basement of a Shoreline house for most of four years — the past two months with its owner out of town — might be closer to being freed, a spokeswoman for King County Regional Animal Services said Tuesday.

Christine Lange said the agency is working to get a search warrant to enter the house on 23rd Avenue Northeast and rescue the dog. But she said the agency also has been in contact with the man who has occasionally feeds the dog, and is attempting to have him release the dog to a shelter so it can eventually be adopted.

“If negotiations break down,” Lange said, “then we’ll go ahead with the search warrant.”

The fluffy white-and-black dog, named Lucky, barks and throws himself at the walls whenever he hears humans nearby.

It’s heartbreaking for Gerry Harris, a dog owner next door who eight years ago complained to the owner about the dog being left alone in the back yard to bark. In answer to her complaints, the owner locked the dog in the basement.”

I emailed Ms. Bartley to find out how we, DogTime readers, could help. She responded immediately:

“Add comments at the end of the online story first of all — and

then you might call animal control 206-296-3958.

Option 0.”

Readers, please help.