San Francisco’s proposed ban on the sale of birds and small animals in city pet stores

They call themselves “pet bird advocates” and formed a group called POPA — Protect Our Precious Animals. Their goal? To keep the purchase of birds and small animals alive and well in pet stores throughout San Francisco by opposing a proposed ban on such sales. Not only would this ban infringe upon our “right to choose,” but would negatively affect the economy, and deprive our children of a life-long bond with animals, according to POPA.

Um… ok. So self-described “advocates” would have you believe that a human’s right to purchase a bird within city limits trumps the right of that bird to live free, wings unclipped, in his natural environment with other members of his species. I shudder to think of what non-advocates support.

Bay Area residents, if opposing this ban makes as much sense to you as “freedom through captivity” – or any other Orwellian paradox – attend the committee meeting this Thursday and be a voice for those who have none.

San Francisco City Hall – 5:30pm – July 8, 2010

Commission of Animal Control & Welfare

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 408

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 554-6074