Supplements for healthy dog?


My dog is young and healthy. Would vitamin supplements be beneficial?


Most puppies reach maturity between the ages of one and two. Age seven marks the onset of the “senior” or “golden” years for most canines, although large and giant breeds mature more quickly, and are considered seniors at age five. Not only do dogs age seven times more quickly than people, signs of aging are insidious, occur slowly, and require a keen eye to detect. Once dogs hit maturity, the aging process begins.

Although adult and/or senior pets may outwardly appear to be in peak health, internally their clock, like ours, keeps ticking and aging takes its toll within your pet’s body long before any signs are visible externally.

Longevity research has validated the fact that along with keeping your dog lean, or what scientists call “caloric restriction,” organic diets and proper nutritional supplementation can slow the aging process and extend your dogs healthy years significantly.

Longevity is attributed to 70% to lifestyle and 30% to genetics. Up to 90% of diseases in dogs are due to the degenerative processes associated with aging. Optimize your dog’s health, wellness, and longevity by starting your pet out on an anti-aging regime sooner rather than later.

Preliminary results from an 11-year lifetime study using a vitamin product called PAAWS reveal an increase in life expectancy by up to 30 percent, or three to four extra healthy years owners and their canine companions enjoyed together. The study boasts of small breed dogs less than 35 pounds thriving at age 24 and large breeds over 80 pounds enjoying quality days at age 18.

A successful longevity program starts by supplementing your pet’s body with the critical nutrients it needs ona daily basis. Along with a good organic diet and proper veterinary care, look for natural, USA made, balanced vitamin supplements. They should be made specifically for dogs, backed by clinical trials, from a company with a veterinarian on staff. The vitamin product you choose should clearly state the ingredients, amounts of each nutrient, and most importantly, the source from which each nutrient is derived.

Traditionally, veterinary and human medicine has both been based on a disease based, or retro-active model, focused on treatment of disease rather than prevention. Newer concepts of health, including “Anti-Aging Medicine” focus on pro-active or preventative models of medicine, geared to optimize health and prevent, retard, and/or reverse unwanted aging changes.

Talk to your veterinarian about the benefits of a pro-active health care plan for your pet. He’ll be living proof of your success and thanking you for years to come.