Kid Friendly Dogs Who Are Smart

As you’re wondering if your new kid-friendly dog is smart, keep in mind that what may pass for intelligent behavior for one breed of dog may not be an accurate measure of intelligence for another breed. For example, a Basset Hound may have superior scent skills but perform poorly at herding a gaggle of geese, while a Belgian Sheepdog can herd the geese with no problem but not be alerted to the scent of a rabbit who recently passed his way. Try testing your kid-friendly dog’s smarts by tossing a bath towel over his head and timing how long it takes him to get it off (the average is 15-20 seconds).

1. American Eskimo Dog


This smart kid friendly dog has lots of other winning characteristics. Read more about American Eskimos.

2. Bluetick Coonhound


Although he’s a hunter first and foremost, the Bluetick can be a fine housedog and loves his people. Read more about Bluetick Coohounds.

3. Brussels Griffon


They’re often called “Velcro dogs” because they like to stick close to your side. Read more about the Brussels Griffon.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavaliers can be great playmates for kids who will enjoy throwing a ball for them, teaching them tricks or participating in dog sports. Read more about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

5. Entlebucher Mountain Dog


He’s known for his intelligence, personable attitude, agility, and loyalty. Read more about Entlebucher Mountain Dogs.

6. Finnish Spitz


Finnish Spitz love children and will tolerate a lot, walking away when they’ve had too much. Read more about the Finnish Spitz.

7. Lakeland Terrier


Lakeland Terriers are a smart kid friendly dog. Read more about Lakeland Terriers.

8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi


Although Pembrokes are still used as working dogs, they are most often seen as family pets these days. Read more about Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

9. Pharaoh Hound



Pharaoh Hounds love their own people and happily entertain them with their clownish antics. Read more about Pharaoh Hounds.

10. Shih Tzu


He’s alert and lively and may bark at newcomers to his home. Don’t worry, though; he’ll make friends with your guests the minute they walk inside.

Read more about Shih Tzus.


If you are thinking about getting a dog or puppy, these are just a few that are smart and kid friendly. Don’t forget to check your area for shelters and breed specific rescues. There are so many awesome pups that are in need of homes.