Small Dogs With High Prey Drives

Living with high prey drive dogs can have its challenges, especially if you own other, smaller pets. High prey drive dog breeds are those who were originally bred to chase and hunt. Their instinct to chase and even kill small animals is so deeply imbedded in their genetics that it can be difficult to control.

1. Australian Terrier


The Aussie is a small dog with a high prey drive. Read more about Australian Terriers.

2. Border Terrier


When it comes to going after prey (even if you don’t keep them as hunting dogs), they’re fearless and relentless.

Read more about Border Terriers.

3. Brussels Griffon


A small dog with a high prey drive. The Brussels Griffon has a bossy streak and will run the household whenever he’s allowed to

Read more about Brussels Griffon.

4. Cairn Terrier


He’ll chase any small animal, including the neighbor’s cat, if given a chance. Read more about Cairn Terriers.

5. Dandie Dinmont Terrier


Dandies are typical terriers: independent, bold, tenacious, and intelligent. Read more about Dandies.

6. Jack Russel Terrier


He thrives on structure and routine, but training sessions should be short and sweet to hold his interest. Read more about Jack Russell Terriers.

7. Norfolk Terrier


He’s prone to dig and bark, too–behaviors that come naturally to breeds bred to chase vermin that live in dens.

Read more about Norfolk Terriers.

8. Norwegian Lundehund


Cheerful, inquisitive, and mischievous, this is a dog who needs close supervision to keep him out of trouble.

Read more about Norwegians.

9. Norwich Terrier


The Norwich is active and loves playing with balls and toys or just playing a good game with the people he loves. Read more about Norwich Terriers.

10. Rat Terrier (Toy & Miniature)


They are also absolutely fearless, which can be a wonderful trait. Read more about Rat Terriers.

If you are considering adopting a dog please, check your area for breed specific rescues and shelters.