Small Dogs Who Are Affectionate

Nothing can improve your mood after a tough day like coming home to a pint-sized companion who always greets you like she hasn’t seen you in weeks! The licking, the jumping, the wagging tail, her body language could not be more clear, she’s happy to see you. You are the center of her universe, the giver of attention, love and food.

A puppy raised with love and patience will grow to be a loving and patient dog. Of course personality and successful socialization also play a role in how affectionate your small dog will be as she matures. We’ve put together a list of small dog breeds whose breed personality characteristics lend themselves to becoming affectionate and adoring members of the family.

1. Affenpinscher


Some of the intelligent, wiry-haired dogs must have caught the eye of ladies, because eventually they were bred to be smaller, the better to be a companion dog. This small dog is on the list of small dogs that are affectionate. Read more about Affenpinschers.

2. American Eskimo Dog


Eskies are lively, active companion dogs who love to entertain and join in on all family activities. Read more about American Eskimo Dogs.

3. Bedlington Terrier


With proper training and socialization, the Bedlington is an excellent companion and enthusiastic partner in all family activities. You will appreciate his sense of humor and eagerness to get the most out of life. Another on the list of small dogs that are affectionate. Read more about Bedlington Terriers.

4. Bichon Frise


A cheerful attitude is the outstanding trait of the Bichon’s personality. This dog loves to be loved, enjoys being the center of attention, and is adept at charming his family, neighbors, groomer, or veterinarian with his winning personality. Read more about Bichons.

5. Bolognese


A true companion dog, the Bolognese dog breed loves to be at his family’s side. Read more about Bologneses.

6. Brussels Griffon


They’re often called “Velcro dogs” because they like to stick close to your side. Read more about Brussels Griffons.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The Cavalier is eager to meet everyone who crosses his path, and if that person sits down and offers a lap (or a treat), so much the better. Read more about Cavaliers.

8. Chihuahua


Fun loving and busy, Chihuahuas like nothing better than to be close to their people. Read more about Chihuahuas.

9. Cockapoo


He’s affectionate and accepts everyone — old folks, kids, and other pets. He’s also of an easy size, being small enough to cuddle and big enough to romp with bigger dogs. Read more about Cockapoos.

10. Coton de Tulear


For the smart and sweet-natured Coton de Tulear (Coton for short), the perfect day consists of nothing more than being with his person. Read more about Coton de Tulears.

11. Dandie Dinmont Terrier


Dandies are typical terriers: independent, bold, tenacious, and intelligent. With people they know, they’re affectionate yet dignified but tend to be reserved with strangers. Read more about Dandies Dinmont Terriers.

12. English Toy Spaniel


The sweet and lovable English Toy Spaniel is a true companion dog. He has an aristocratic bearing, but he’s not a snob at all; picture instead a happy, devoted, quiet dog. Read more about Toy Spaniels.

13. Havanese


He’s intelligent as well, and will enjoy making you laugh with goofy antics, or simply sitting on your lap watching the world go by. Read more about Havanese.

14. Lowchen


The Lowchen is the personification of an even-tempered breed. He is lively and active, affectionate and gentle. Read more about Lowchens.

15. Maltese


The Maltese is a natural ham with a lively personality. Read more about Maltese.

16. Maltipoo


This is an intelligent, affectionate, fun-loving dog who generally gets along well with everyone he meets. Gentle and devoted, Maltipoos enjoy spending their days perched on their owner’s laps or walking beside them. Read more about Maltipoos.

17. Papillon


The Papillon is happy, alert, and friendly. Read more about Papillons.

18. Pocket Beagle


Beagles are gentle and sweet, smart and funny. Read more about Pocket Beagles.

19. Pomeranian


The extroverted Pomeranian is smart and vivacious. Read more about Pomeranians.

20. Poodle (Toy & Miniature)


And although he’s affectionate with his family, he may take a while to warm up to new people. Read more about Poodles.

21. Pug


The Pug craves affection — and your lap — and is very unhappy if his devotion isn’t reciprocated. Read more about Pugs.

22. Shih Tzu


All dog breeds have a purpose. Historically, the purpose of the Shih Tzu was to be a companion — and that’s just what he wants to be. He simply desires to be with you. Read more about Shih Tzus.

23. Tibetan Spaniel


Trusting and affectionate toward family members, Tibetan Spaniels may be aloof toward strangers, although never aggressive.

Read more about Tibetan Spaniels.

24. Yorkipoo


The Yorkipoo is an active, affectionate, fun-loving dog who relishes the company of people. Read more about Yorkipoos.

If you are considering getting a dog, don’t forget to check your local shelters and breed specific rescues.