Paper training?


Do you recommend paper training?


I prefer not to paper train puppies–taking them out regularly is a better option.

But let’s be realistic. Many people work long hours and can’t always get home several times a day to take out their dog. Sometimes extenuating circumstances simply make it very difficult to make frequent trips outside. In those cases, paper training may be the necessary, if not preferred, method. No matter what approach you use, the important thing is that your puppy gets housetrained.

Additionally, I recommend that any housetraining be done by you in your home; don’t send your pup off to be housetrained by someone else. If you run into a problem or feel you’re not making progress, call a trainer and get some guidance (ask your vet for referrals and be sure to check references).

Finally, make sure the trainer you choose uses positive methods of training. A good source is the Association of Pet Dog Trainers–their website has a “search for a trainer in your area” section.