Occasional Doggie Diarrhea?

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)


How do I treat my dog’s occasional diarrhea?


Dogs get run-of-the-mill diarrhea for the same reason people do–they’ve eaten something bad. For those occasional bouts, the best treatment is to switch your dog to a bland diet until it clears up.

Twice a day serve your dog a large cup of ground up veggies like green beans. You can make it more appealing to your dog by flavoring it with a little chicken or beef broth, or mixing in a spoonful of cottage cheese or a scrambled egg.

Veterinarian and author Dr. Ian Billinghurst suggest that “For most dogs, a day or two of fasting followed by several days eating only raw chicken necks or wings will tighten the bowels of most dogs following a bout of diarrhea induced by some form of dietary indiscretion.”

Most cases of ordinary diarrhea clear up in a day or two. You’ll know your dog has gotten over it when he skips one of his regular pooping sessions.

If the diarrhea persists, call your vet; it could the sign of a more serious problem.