Dog recall at the park?


How can I get my dog to come when I call her at the dog park?


The recall at a dog park is a pup’s ultimate challenge–there are so many intriguing distractions. And if she figures out that the word “come” usually means playtime’s over, she’ll be even less likely to obey. The trick to dog park recalls is to give the command often–and then let her go back to her games. If most recalls end with a reward and a release to go back to her canine friends, she’ll be much more motivated to listen.

Here’s how to do it: While your dog’s playing, before she gets very far from you, call her in a happy, encouraging voice, clapping your hands or running backwards if it helps get her attention. Once she comes, take hold of her collar, give her a super-savory reward, and release her to go play again.

At first, do this exercise in a fenced area or with your dog dragging a long leash that you can grab if necessary. As your dog improves, you can venture into open areas and lose the leash. Eventually, you can make it even more challenging by calling her from further away and asking her to stay with you for a few seconds longer.